January 2012 San Diego Real Estate Market Update

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see HOME SALES UP, PRICES DOWN IN 2011 Single-family, re-sales home sales were up 2.5% last year in San Diego County. Unfortunately, after a nice gain of 7.1% in 2010, the median price was down last year. The median price for homes dropped 5.3%. The average price dropped 3%. Condo sales in the county were down […]


How to Make Your Home Affordable

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http://publicsafetymediatraining.com/?x=find-and-buy-free-viagra-without-rx The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is the government modification program that President Obama put into place. This program is only available for owner occupied residences. It requires that a homeowner make 3 payments on a trial basis before Servicer can process the modification to see if it can become permanent. HAMP is designed to […]

Here’s what you get when the government owns the banks

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http://parilokmontessori.com/?x=arimidex-drug-maker-of-viagra IRS to mine payment data on mortgages The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will study whether it should make greater use of data on mortgage-interest payments provided to it by banks. The program, which searches for inconsistencies between mortgage payments and income, is currently used to send notices to non-filers who it believes should have filed […]