About Stuff and Downsizing

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http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=order-viagra-tablets-from-online-pharmacy I’ve just moved twice in 3 months and I think I’ve learned something about myself. I like to hold onto stuff, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, like I’m in control. But who is controlling who?

http://yachtchartergroup.com/?x=brand-viagra-sales When Crystal and I first moved to Idyllwild we stored a bunch of stuff that we knew we wouldn’t need in the mountains, but we thought we’d need when we got back. And it was only going to be for a few months anyway. Well, sixteen months later, we got to see what we paid $310 per month to keep and our hearts sank. We spent almost 5 grand to store this stuff? What were we thinking? We had a playpen that our grandson had outgrown, electronics that were outdated, furniture that didn’t fit the new place, and on and on.

generic viagra no prescription Well at least we can sell this stuff and recover something, right? That’s when we found out that used stuff is worth just about nothing. Figure 10% if you’re lucky enough to have something that someone else wants and it’s in like-new condition. So paying to store stuff is a losing game.

http://acuherbal.com/?x=amlodipine-besylate-side-effects-viagra-drug We came to a conclusion – if we didn’t use it in 16 months, we probably wouldn’t ever use it. And out it went, clothes, dishes, books we would never read again, you name it. Do I really need 4 bathrobes?

lowest price for viagra Once we were in our new place in Bonsall we continued to lighten up. We knew we would not be there long term, so our objective was to keep only what we would need. We had to pay movers to move it in and we would have to pay movers to move it out. So more agonizing – that patio set is perfectly good, do we really have to give it away? Are we really ever going to use good China when we have guests or will we use the same plates we always use? How many times are we going to move this stuff around on the chance we might use it one time?

http://toolsforwriters.com/?x=33-drugs-com-viagra-dosage We moved from a 3400 square foot place in Bonsall to 1500 square feet in Oceanside. The downsizing continued. We lived in Bonsall for three months and STILL never used the stuff that we swore we needed when we moved in. So out it went, trash, Goodwill, AmVets (who don’t take furniture), wherever we could get rid of stuff.

viagra drug contraindications for amoxicillin It changes your perspective when you realize what stuff costs. You need a bigger house so you can keep more stuff in it. When you move you pay to move it. If you have too much stuff, you pay a storage unit to store it. Why have it in the first place?

follow So I’m in the store and I see a new gadget that looks awesomely useful. After all, I am oh so practical, I would never buy something just on impulse, I only buy stuff I will really, really use.  I’m looking at this thing on the shelf, should I put it in the cart and take it to the checkout? Should I send another $30 to China and another $3 to the state so this thing can sit in my garage until the day I realize I never used it and it is worth 30 cents now, so I can either throw it out, pay a mover to move it or hurt my back carrying it myself to my next place?

vardenafil originale online italia consegna 24 ore My advice to my fellow downsizers is this: in most cases it’s better to get rid of something than to move it. Let’s say you live back east and you want to bring that heavy dark oak dining room set to your new place in San Diego. It might have cost you 5 thousand originally so that means it’s maybe worth 5 hundred. Moving it here will cost you 5 hundred and when you get it here you will discover that it doesn’t fit. Maybe it physically fits, but it doesn’t fit the lighter décor that is more popular here. So now you will try to sell it, but no one wants it because it isn’t the popular style in southern California. So you could have had $500 if you sold it back east, but instead you paid $500 to move it and now you have to give it away for nothing.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-25-mg-online-generico-a-Torino Such is the way of things. I’ve found that it is freeing to live lighter and to not carry everything around. Today I threw out a whole trash bag of telephone cords when we only use cell phones, audio video cables for the TV when now we use HDMI cables, corded mice for the computer when we have wireless mice, and so on. You get the idea. So why do I keep all this stuff until it becomes obsolete and worthless? I guess I still have a lot more to learn.