Getting to the top of the list

Posted on Posted in Buying a Home, Real Estate Investment, San Diego Today’s competitive bidding for homes sure is a challenge! If you’re constantly losing out then you need to take a fresh look at how you’re going about it. There actually best place to buy discount soft viagra now are strategies you can use to win in a multiple offer situation, and I don’t mean overpaying.

viagra super active no prescription from online drugstore Remember when new home builders maintained a list of buyers to call when a property fell out of escrow? I was on those lists, and I did buy several properties that way. I can remember exactly where I was each time I got a call from the new home tract office saying “This house has become available… are you interested?” To which I would say, “Where do I need to send the check to tie it up?” The key to getting the house was knowing what it took to get on the top of their list. It might mean being pre-approved with their lender. Or checking in every week so they know you’re really interested. Whatever hoops there were, I had to jump through them. At stake was a $50K-100K payday for doing nothing but buying a house and then turning around and reselling it! Dang right I jumped through the hoops. You have to look at it that way today. At stake is paying $50K more for the next house that comes along that you like. The price might not be $50K more, but if the price is a bit higher, then your taxes will also be higher, and if the interest rate is higher it all adds up to you paying a lot more for the house over time.

viagra drug test impact So what can you do? It turns out that there are ways to get to the top of the list of buyers for any house you’re buying. Your agent should be able to tell you what it will take. And like I said before, it’s not just paying a higher price. Sellers are aware that sometimes buyers will bid a super high price just to tie up the property and then try to negotiate the price down when the appraisal comes in lower. I’m not talking about that.

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buy online viagra Needless to say, I’m not going to reveal my “tricks of the trade” in a blog post so others can use them against me, but the point is that I do know several strategies that work. Do you? If you were a client of mine then you would, because getting the house is at stake!

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