Home Is Not A House

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canadian viagra 50mg This weekend I visited my folks in Orange County, quite a drive from where I now live. After a day of socializing, mom offered for Crystal and me to spend the night there rather than make the long drive home. Wanting to get back to our own bed and our own space, we made the drive.

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http://ecoluxinteriors.com/?x=viagra-online-pharmacy What struck me is that this was the first time that I considered my “interim” place to be “home”. Some of you know that we sold our house of 8 years recently and are currently living in a temporary location, in a place I thought I would never consider as “home”. But after only two months, I’m forgetting the old place and the place I live now is the place I long to get back to, my home.

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go You see, what makes a place “home” is not the house. It’s your family, your decorations, your favorite chair, your TV where you know how to work the remote, your fridge with your favorite foods in it, your comfy bed with the pillow that’s just right. When you sell your house and move to a different one, the new one soon becomes “home” instead of the old one.


here I bring this up because there are some of you who should move for financial, employment or strategic reasons, but you don’t want to give up your “home”. My point is this: you won’t. Moving is just taking your “home” and setting it up in another place. Perhaps a place that doesn’t cost you so much each month, or is closer to the grandkids, or a place you rent so that you can be mobile if your job changes.


go to site Your new home might serve you better than your present one, and it’s only inertia that’s keeping you there. I’ve learned from personal experience that moving is stressful, but achieving your goals is well worth it. When we moved we thought we were giving up our “home”, but we found out that we still have our home, and we gained a lot more besides.

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