The one word you must never use with banks

click Posted on dkaiserPosted in Buying a Home, Distressed Property, Real Estate Investment, San Diego Boy I wish I had a nickel for every time someone used this word when trying to buy a bank-owned property or a short sale, or even when getting a loan. You will want to use this word many, many times when working with a bank, and yet it is the word you should never use. The word is “Why?” You must never use this word because there is no answer to it, and you will drive yourself crazy if you try to figure it how a bank operates. You cannot apply logic to something that is illogical.

source link I wish I could answer the question for you. Just like you, I want there to be an answer for everything, so that it all makes sense and fits into a neat box in my head. But there are some things that just won’t fit, and the way the banks do business is definitely one of those things.

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click here Why do you need to sign something again that you already signed? Why does it need to be back by Friday at 5pm when the bank won’t even be open until Monday? Why do the banks ignore Department of Real Estate regulations and force you to do things their way? Why would the bank reject your short sale offer and then sell the property at the Trustee sale for less? These are all questions that have no answers.

follow url The fact is that if you want to buy a bank owned property, they will call the shots every step of the way. You are totally and completely out of control in the transaction. If the bank wants something, you provide it in the ridiculously short time frame specified or you don’t get the house. When they say “Jump”, you only say “How high?” You will be tempted to say “Why?”, but that is the word you must never say.

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viagra generico 100 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Firenze Now that I’ve learned not to use that word, I feel so much better. The frustration is gone. Once in a while that part of me that wants to think starts to rise up, but I must shove it back down. Don’t think. Don’t ask why. It’s the only way to work with banks and maintain your sanity.

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