Why are all the wealthy people buying all the real estate right now?

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watch We’ve seen a big increase in the number of San Diego homes being sold as investments to people with money to invest. What’s going on? Let’s go over a few reasons.

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click here 1.  The FED’s zero interest rate policy is causing people who live on interest from their savings to look for a reasonable rate of return. Retired folks who used to make $80K a year from CDs paying 5% are now making $8K at half a percent. They are now eating into their principle and that is not a workable long term strategy. A real estate investment could return 6-7% a year even if the price never goes up.


http://toolsforwriters.com/?x=viagra-drug-interactions-lisinopril-and-aspirin 2.  Higher tax rates are causing people to look for tax-sheltered investments. California real estate purchased as a rental provides “depreciation” which can be taken off your taxes. The house is considered by the IRS to have a useful life, and you can write-off a percentage of the house each year until you have depreciated it to zero. Then you do a 1031 tax-deferred exchange and start over. There is no other investment other than real estate that provides these amazing tax advantages.


viagra in australia for sale 3.  People are putting their money into hard assets because they are nervous about the future value of paper currency. Porter Stansberry says it best: “The earners and savers of the world simply don’t believe governments can borrow and spend their way to prosperity. They don’t believe handouts and bailouts are the answer to every problem we face. They don’t believe you can dole out free houses, free food, and free health care without having to eventually pay a very painful bill… and without devaluing our paper currency.”

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buy viagra in us Can real estate help you achieve your investment goals? We call the different types of investments “vehicles” because just like your car, they can take you where you want to go. Where are your bonds and CDs taking you? If it’s time to consider a different vehicle, call me at 760-889-2272 and I’ll be happy to discuss your options.