Happy New Year

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viagra rx in canada Ahh, the new year begins with another fantastic day in Southern California! It was 72 degrees today as we were taking down the Christmas tree, so we opened the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. I planted some Sugar Snap peas in my garden, and I started some lettuce seeds in flats. Since there is no frost here, the plants will be up in a few days. I picked a few red cherry tomatoes from last year’s plants which are still producing, and some Romaine that I planted in November, and made a fresh salad to go with dinner.

In Oceanside, my son put on his work shorts and sprayed some wood preservative on a new fence that we built together over the last few days. My parents drove up to Pasadena to watch the Rose Bowl Parade in their short sleeves. And the day ended with one of our amazing firey sunsets. I snapped this shot a few hours ago from my backyard looking towards the Pacific Ocean.

khat drug ingredients viagra see url Now for those of you who grew up in Southern California, none of what I said is a big deal. But if you are from someplace else, you can really appreciate what I’m saying. This is January 1st I’m talking about! Our quality of life here is like nowhere else, and if you are reading this and dream of moving here someday, I hope that you make that dream come true in 2008.